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Your one stop shop for break room refreshments in Dallas Fort Worth

Enhance your vending

More product options and better vending machines

Experts in delivering best-in-class vending machine service in Dallas Fort Worth.


Enjoy the best selection of snacks, drinks, and food from the national brands you know and love.


Remotely monitored, our vending machines offer real time data for 100% sales accountability.

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Vending machines that accept any form of payment, including mobile wallets such Apple Pay or Google Wallet.


Around the clock service for all your vending machine needs throughout Dallas Fort Worth.

Driven to deliver the most innovation and complete break room solutions

AmeriTex Vending invests in the technology that can provide an enhanced break room solution from beginning to end.

Full service for the break room

Modern vending machines to must-have products, we deliver everything you need in your Dallas Fort Worth break room and much more.

Cold beverages from a vending machine
Cold Beverages

Hydrate with dozens of drink options from classic sodas to vitamin enhanced flavored waters.

Get happy workers
Tasty Snacks

Get the perfect snack mix right in your break room with our huge product selection.

Renew break time
Tasty vending machine snacks
Fresh food from a breakroom
Fresh Food

Bring a meal option to your business with a fresh selection of food items that rival the deli.

Try food vending
Upgrade your break area with state-of-the-art vending machines from AmeriTex Vending at 972.572.5200 or