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State-of-the-art vending machines focused on providing health and wellness-focused products

See the goodness inside
Healthy fruit and nut selections

Delicious and nutritious options

Enjoy the diverse variety of tasty, better-for-you selections

Professional healthy vending machine service, including snack, drink, and food alternatives, for the Dallas Fort Worth area

Encourage living a healthy lifestyle with vending machines that inspire healthy eating. AmeriTex Vending offers a wide selection of nutritious products and dedicated healthy vending machines to empower your health-focused employees and guests

The Choice Plus program helps vending machine users identify nutritious options within a machine
Our customers have access to a registered dietician for health and wellness related questions
Opt for a vending machine full of healthy selections, or a certain percentage healthy to offer choice
The wide variety of Choice Plus identified products all meet standard nutritional guidelines

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Eye-catching graphics, digital point-of-sale

Through PepsiCo’s modern Hello Goodness healthy vending machine,
we can offer good and better-for-you products in your break room
Healthy vending machine snacks ideal for schools

AmeriTex Vending works with school administrators to provide the nutritious and wholesome refreshments growing bodies need. Plus we guarantee your program meets all federal and local requirements.

Hello Goodness machines in Dallas Fort Worth
Empowering healthy at work

Imagine offering a dedicated healthy vending machine to your employees. It meets their need for good- and better-for-you options at work, while also encouraging positive lifestyle choices. Healthier employees miss less work and are happier.

Dallas Fort Worth healthy vending machines
Student in a school classroom

Experts in providing healthy vending machines to your school

We understand the ins and outs of USDA guidelines and school administrator needs when it comes to school vending machines.


AmeriTex Vending has extensively researched the USDA school vending machine guidelines.


We offer the ideal mix of healthy snacks, food, and drinks for any school from pre-k to universities.


Have control of what is offered in the healthy vending machines by customizing the options.

Authorized distributor of IDLife products

Get IDLife healthy products directly in your break room. Through a combination of quality, science, and guidance, IDLife has changed the look of wellness for millions, including many in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It’s a new level of dedication to health and wellness.

Learn more about ID Life

More healthy refreshment variety

We will customize the perfect mix of healthy vending machine items for your Dallas Fort Worth location

Ensure the future of your organization is a good one with healthy vending machines from AmeriTex Vending at 972.572.5200 or