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Delicious entrees in the break room
to rival the Dallas Fort Worth cafe

Update your vending food

More gourmet and deli fresh items

The latest food vending machines with popular food options in the Dallas Fort Worth area

Ensure your workforce has the refreshment they need to get energized and productive. AmeriTex Vending offers a new standard in food vending machines with entrees that cater to Dallas Fort Worth tastes with trendy flavors and quality ingredients.

Discover fresh food
  • Fresh Food

    Enjoy locally made food using fresh, quality ingredients prepared in FDA-approved facilities

  • Customized Selections

    Choose the entrees that best fit your Dallas Fort Worth location and its preferences

  • Employee Benefit

    Workers will love the time saving and quality food options offered by AmeriTex Vending

  • Productivity

    Food vending machines keep employees on site and able to get back to work refreshed

Food options available 24/7

Our food vending machine programs ensure employees have availability to food options during multiple shifts or any time they need refreshment.

Make your break room the envy of Dallas Fort Worth with a better food vending machine solution from AmeriTex Vending at 972.572.5200 or