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Dallas vending machines and office coffee service

Dallas' Best Source For Vending Machines

Get the foods, beverages, and snacks your employees need with our Dallas vending machine services. We offer full-service vending. Our food, snack, and beverage vending machines are loaded up with your favorite name-brand products and are installed at your Dallas location free of charge. We also stock, clean, and service your vending machines at no cost to you. Vending machines are energy-efficient, new, attractive, and dependable. They come with products such as candy, snacks, foods, healthy foods, and beverages including coffee, sports drinks, energy drinks, and more. Your vending machines are customized to your needs, no matter how large or small your Dallas business may be. We offer free vending, subsidized vending, or traditional vending options for your office. Our vending machines accept credit cards and mobile wallets, which means you won’t need to have cash on hand.


Office Coffee And Water Filtration Fit For Dallas

Dallas businesses can benefit from our office coffee services. We offer a large selection of name-brand coffees and teas along with the specialized brewing equipment to serve up hot beverages fast and delicious. Creamers, sugar, and sweeteners will be stocked in your break room with cups, plates, napkins, paper towels, utensils and stir sticks to provide all you need. Our Dallas office coffee service offers your employees a cafe-quality coffee experience so they stay positive and focused on their jobs. AmeriTex Vending also offers water filtration systems including plumbed-in, floor, or countertop units. Our water filtration systems transform the ordinary tap water in your Dallas office into something extraordinary!

vending service and micro-markets in Dallas

Enjoy The Best Refreshments In Your Dallas Break Room With A Micro-Market Solution

AmeriTex Vending is proud to provide Dallas businesses with a micro-market — an open-concept cafe in your break room. We do the ‘heavy lifting’ to install your Dallas micro-market and stock it with refreshments customized to meet your needs. And, that includes healthy options to support health initiatives. Dallas employees can enjoy the self-serve micro-market throughout the workday no matter their schedule. The micro-market is designed to be a hassle-free experience and employees can pay for products using credit cards or mobile wallets. We remotely monitor the micro-market to ensure all of the equipment is in working order and the market is fully stocked with your favorite products. Create a space where employees can enjoy a meal or a delicious snack during the workday with our micro-market solution.

Dallas office pantry service

Free Refreshments Through Our Office Pantry Service Show Dallas Employees That You Appreciate Them

AmeriTex Vending offers office pantry service for Dallas businesses. It’s a simple concept where the business pays for refreshments and offers them to employees free of charge. We install your office pantry with shelves, racks, and dispensers and stock it with products customized to meet the needs of your office, including healthy snacks to support your health and wellness goals. The office pantry is remotely monitored to ensure it’s always stocked. And, we invoice you once per month making it a hassle-free experience. Offering free refreshments in your Dallas office is a powerful tool to help your business stand out. A Dallas office pantry service can motivate employees and keep them refreshed and energized throughout the day. Improve your workplace culture and create an interactive social workspace for employees to collaborate and be inspired.

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