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Cedar Hill vending machines

Cedar Hill’s Best in Vending Machine Services

AmeriTex Vending is a full service vending provider in Cedar Hill, and we also provide office coffee services and quality drinking water through water bottle delivery or water filtration installation. We can be reached by email at or by phone at (972) 572-5200.

Full service vending is just that-we install vending machines, clean and service them, fill them with name brand products and keep them filled by adjusting our deliveries to the demands of your Cedar Hill business. Your vending equipment will be state of the art, dependable, stylish and energy efficient. Vending machines come loaded up with all your food and beverage favorites; Pepsi vending machines, Coke vending machines, candy vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, vending machines with sport and energy drinks and of course your Cedar Hill location also has options with vending machines with healthy and nutritious foods and beverages. Vending options include free, traditional and subsidized and we also offer Micro Markets for our Cedar Hill customers. Our professional staff will come to your Cedar Hill location and explain in detail all the options available to you to help customize your vending equipment to meet your specific needs.

Cedar Hill office coffee service

Get Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services in Cedar Hill

Coffee services in Cedar Hill will provide the refreshing coffee, teas and flavored teas as well as hot chocolate to keep your employees on the move. Brewing equipment and a host of name brand coffees as well as everything else you could possibly need fully stocked and available in your Cedar Hill location. Cups, plates, filters, flavored creamers, creamer, sugar, sweeteners, utensils and stir sticks to name some of the products you can have readily available to you. No more trips to the local coffee shop!

Quality drinking water can also be supplied by AmeriTex Vending in Cedar Hill. No more running out during those hot summer days of the water you need-water bottle delivery or water filtration installed to your existing water source are the two ways we achieve this.

The rest is up to you-simply contact us today to get started!